Large Banded Wyoming Barrel Stave Flag

Large Wyoming Barrel Stave Flag

By: Alpine Wine Design


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Large Banded Wyoming Barrel Stave Flag

Product Description

Our northern neighbor, Wyoming, is another beautiful piece of the American West (and has a great logo to boot). We felt that the powerful American Bison would look strong on a barrel stave flag, so here it is! Handcrafted right here in Colorado, each piece is made from a section of barrel used in wine production for 2-4 years. Painted by an artist right here at Alpine Wine Design, we’re sure you’ll take pride in showing off this unique compliment to the Equality State (or Cowboy State… whichever you prefer).

Each piece varies slightly in look due to the life and travel of the individual barrel. Please allow extra time for delivery due to the hand painting process

Our Barrel Stave Flag measures approximately 37" long, 16" wide, and 3" deep. Includes screws and oak plugs for easy hanging.

To speak with us about a custom piece, feel free to contact us!