Banded Texas Barrel Stave Flag



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The medium-sized version of our banded, Texas Barrel Stave Flag, handcrafted here in Lakewood, Colorado.

We’ve taken a section of retired Napa Valley wine barrel, added the ever-recognizable Lone Star State flag (hand-painted), and turned it into a piece that can be hung wherever a Texan feels pride for his or her state, which is everywhere. Simple, colorful, and to the point, the emblem of the 28th state looks sharp on this barrel piece featuring original galvanized barrel bands and a linseed oiled finish.
Our Barrel Stave Flag measures approximately 20″ long, 7.5″ wide, and is 3″ deep. Includes screws and oak plugs for easy hanging.

**Also offered in a more rustic version (seen in the second and third photos) where we distress the painted surface a bit to give your flag some time-worn character. Please specify RUSTIC if desired.**

If your idea is a design or style not found here, please contact us. We would be happy to meet your vision for a desired piece.