Deluxe Cafe Table with Wrought Iron Base



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Our Deluxe Cafe Table is created from the top of an extremely rare wine barrel and features willow bands and original black painted metal bands. The willow bands are used in traditional bordeaux barrels and are an exceptional detail adding to the rustic look of this piece. The base is high quality solid wrought iron with self-leveling feet, so it’s perfect on a covered patio. It is carefully coated with oil to enhance the beautiful wood tones of the finished piece.

Please note, because these tables are handcrafted from wine barrels and every barrel is unique, the graining will vary slightly on each individual piece. Basic assembly is required, it’s nothing difficult, we promise. Base and top ship seperately.

The table measures approximately 24” in diameter and is 24” tall. The base itself has a 17″ x 17″ footprint.

Everything in our collection is handcrafted. We welcome special orders and have years of experience filling custom furniture requests.

Handcrafted in Lakewood, Colorado by the artisans of Alpine Wine Design.