Offset Napkin Holder



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Our Offset Barrel Head Napkin Holder features the gorgeous wood of a repurposed oak wine barrel. This one artfully displays the wine-soaked oak of a barrel head, its rich burgundy color only achieved after years of aging in red wine. We use barrels primarily from Napa Valley, so it’s like having a little Napa right at your table! Simply flip it the other direction and you get to enjoy the beautiful time aged honey oak color, seen on the graceful curve of the barrel head in the photo. We’ve sealed all this goodness in with clear coat for years of practical and durable use. A great addition to wine parties on the patio or casual dinners indoors! Handmade in Colorado with love. This item measures 7 1/2″ long, 4″ wide, and is 6″ tall. The space to hold your napkins (not included) is 2 1/4″.