Wine Barrel Head Stool



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Our Napa Valley Wine Barrel Stools are incredibly well built and sure to look great in any refined space. We craft this wine barrel stool entirely from a recycled red wine barrel. The Napa barrel was used in production for several years and has red wine stains on many surfaces. The tops feature French or American oak cooperage stamps and there are many options available if you are interested in purchasing a coordinating set. Our stools are finished with 3 coats of furniture grade lacquer and are accented with an original metal barrel band as a foot rest.

24″ Height (standard for counter-height stools). Other sizes and stains available. 18″, 24″, and 29″ are the most common. We welcome custom orders.

Contact us or call us at: 818-749-6950 with any ideas or custom requests. We are happy to help!

Everything in our collection is handcrafted. Please allow 2-3 weeks for build time.