Napa Barrel Stave Sidewalk Stand

Napa Barrel Stave Sidewalk Stand

By: Alpine Wine Design


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Napa Barrel Stave Sidewalk Stand
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Product Description

Our brand new Napa Barrel Stave Sidewalk Stand is the perfect chalkboard sign for your event or business!

We've repurposed authentic Napa Valley wine barrel staves into this handcrafted sign, which includes everything except the chalk that you need to say it beautifully!

The entire piece is made of solid oak, so it's substantial enough to withstand a breeze, and beautiful enough to catch the eye of every passerby! This piece would truly stand out in front of your business, and would be an elegant and creative way to show your guests to your rustic Napa-style wedding!

This Sidewalk Stand measures 36" tall, is 24" wide and 17 1/4" deep at the base. The stand is solid repurposed oak which has been clear coated over the authentic wine-soaked stain for years of durable use. We've reused an original barrel band as the metal sign holder on the top. The chalkboard measures 30" by 18" and is 1 1/4" thick. Price includes shipping.

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